Shadows in the Fog

Pandora's Empty Box Pt. 4

Dresden Files Recap

Monday, August 24th (late)

Everyone heads back to the Oswald building for a good night’s sleep. Prick, because he doesn’t sleep (silly humans!) decides to go find Zhina, the little fae that enlisted his help before. He finds her in a dingy room in the back of a Chinese market. Zhina is busily preparing for a “rescue mission” and likens her efforts to the A-team. Zhina is, apparently, a big fan of the show. She is pretty convinced, having watched as many moves as she has, that she has to “run the numbers” and take “copious notes” to prepare for the job ahead. Even though she doesn’t really seem to know what either of these things mean she is still busily performing them with little scraps of paper and an adding machine that takes quite an effort on her part to pull down the lever. She tells Prick that she isn’t ready yet for his help but that she will be soon. She says they are going to rescue a boy named Sunan from the Summer Court. While the name doesn’t matter much to Prick it does evoke quite a reaction from the other players the next morning when he casually mentions it.

Tuesday, August 25th

After a good night’s sleep the group decides to set up a meeting with Talia Watershed, the leader of the Hilltop Society. They decide it would be better to meet her at her work and so they go there. It is a small, cramped upstairs office with books and papers everywhere. The man behind the desk in the tiny waiting area realizes his mistake buzzing them in as soon as they come through the door. The name plate on the desk is Fred Whistel. He heads back into the office and a nervous Talia emerges. She sits down behind the desk. Fred, meanwhile, remains in the office calling members of the Hilltop Society and putting them all on alert. He is overheard on the phone by Prick who is glamoured as a homeless man outside of the office. Another homeless man gives him a wary look and a wide berth.

Speaking with her plainly an uneasy truce is made between her and the group. She listens to their explanation of the anger spirit living in her house and understandibly wants it gone. She agrees to let the players examine the members of the Hilltop Society in an effort to root out this terrible spirit. She agrees to let them use a rental property that she owns in Nob Hill. She will clear the tenants out and make the space available for them.

Our group spends much of the day preparing the spell that will allow them to find the anger spirit in anyone who walks through the circle. Attempting to stay away from the bulk of the preparations, Chester is approached by Harrigan (constantly smoking those damn clove cigarettes!) with a task. He wants to trojan horse the magic ceremony that the players are preparing and gives Chester a magical dandelion that he wants him to deposit within the magical circle. Not knowing exactly what it does, Chester is fairly certain that it isn’t something nice.

Back at the Oswold building Kyle gets together some things he needs for the magical spell for that evening. He crosses the entryway to Judith’s room and sees her crying on the edge of the bed. She seems reluctant to tell him what is going on but when Kyle speaks to her as she is leaving she breaks down and begins sobbing uncontrollably. She tells him that Stephanie Bennett was found dead today. She was the apparent victim of a ritual killing. Though the two parted ways when Judith left the Ministry she still considered Stephanie a friend. Kyle calls Matsumoto and lets him know about the killing. Matsumoto responds that they are already looking into it.

Ian tracks down Francis Delroy, the spellcaster who was involved with the New Day Ministry. He is in a cheap hotel and has decided to become a private investigator to try and help people. Ian “recruits” Delroy to testify at the White Council. Delroy is very reluctant to do so as he may have had some infractions of the Laws of Magic when he was with the Ministry. Ian puts a strong arm to him and convinces him that not showing up at the Council Meeting would be very bad for him. Delroy grudgingly agrees to be there. Delroy casually mentions that Reverend Sky and Satish were dealing with something called a Denarian. Ian and, later, Chester both recognize this as a reference to the Order of the Blackened Denerius, a group of 30 demons (each with a corresponding silver coin) that have walked the earth and tormented humankind for thousands of years.

Prick spends the day eating a vast quantity of pizza. He is a little late to when the ritual starts but as he is walking up to the small rental house he spots a few Red Court Vampires crouched in waiting outside. He sneaks into the house (through the plumbing and comes up through the toilet) and asks if everyone knows about the Red Court Vampire attack force outside. Right then the lights go out. Qhuuya says, dejectedly, “Can we just start this day over again?”

Tuesday August 25th, evening

The members of the Hilltop Society are making their way through the ritual circle and so far no luck. The house is plunged into darkness and immediately members of the Hilltop Society begin getting harassed by Red court vamps. One woman gets partially pulled out the kitchen door and narcotized. One woman in the living room, a low level practitioner in the Society, suddenly reveals herself as having been touched by Bubo, the Anger Spirit. A pitched battle ensues with many red court vampires. The woman touched by Bubo (her name is Daphne Laughlin), casts an Aura of Rage over the entire dining room. Prick manages very nicely to distract a vampire while others take it down. The fight ends with a hostage situation as one of the female vampires takes Freddy, Talia Watershed’s assistant, hostage. Pushing forth, Talia rips Freddy’s face in half. Enraged, Chester puts an end to all of the vampires using Summer magic. They are scorched into ash rapidly. Everyone retires to the Oswald building for a much needed night’s sleep.

Drake, the night watchman in the building, says there is someone waiting in their office. Entering, they find Reverend Sky there. And he has an offer to make.

He tells the group that Satish has made a break with what they stole from the Oubliette. Sky wants the players to bring Satish to justice (i.e. get his head lopped off by Wardens). In return, he will testify in front of the White Court that the group had nothing to do with the New Dawn Ministry and the looting of the Oubliette. He also pledges to help make their public image problems go away. In return, after Satish is brought down, he wants them to leave him alone. The group agrees to help him. He says he will be in touch.

Everyone hits the sack, exhausted. Prick, naturally, does not.

Wednesday, August 26th

Chester and Xhuuya decide they will attend the health inspection meeting. Given how fast things are moving it is likely that people are being manipulated behind the scenes. The rest of the team is called away at the last minute by Zhana who says that she was doing recon work in her effort to rescue Sunan, the little Thai “boy” that the group turned over to the Summer Court. To Ruprinia, specifically. While doing this “recon” she accidentally opened a gate to the Nevernever (gates to the fae lands are common in malls as glamours tend to leak through easily). Something came through that was eating people.

Rushing off to the mall Prick, Kyle and Ian find some sort of pinkish construct that came through a gate in the Loft store. With some effort Ian gets the gate closed but for some reason the creatures are not dissolving. One of the pink things attacks one of the Loft employees. She begins seizing.

At the Courthouse things seem to be going well for Xhuuya and Chester. Their lawyer does a good job of deflecting Webb’s accusations. All this ends when Talia Watershed enters the courtroom. Xhuuya instantly senses the presence of Bubo, the Anger spirit within her. The spirit begins bending the will of the courtroom to its will. Enraging the judge and the people watching, the tide turns very suddenly against them. When the court recesses Chester calls Matsumoto and lets him know that the Anger Spirit is at the courtroom. Unfortunately, he does not appear in time and the court winds up condemning the property and remanding Chester to custody. At that point the fire alarm sounds.

Back at the mall Ian begins trying to save the seizing lady. She isn’t seizing. She is hatching. He magically teleports her to Genetech where he hopes that Vicki can help her. Prick manages to corner one of the pink things in the air duct and, with his magnetic personality, begins luring all the little creatures toward him. Kyle begins a spell to help him locate the source of the construct’s power. It leads him up to the top of the mall. There is a large, circular window at the top of the mall and hanging just below it Is something large and invisible. It appears to be a giant pink spider. It spins a giant web of dreams over the mall. Time is altered within the building and people enter a daze. It’s almost as if a piece of the Nevernever was manifested in the Mall…

At the courthouse Chester manages to slip out of the courtroom amidst the confusion. Him and Xhuuya follow the spirit down to the foyer. Matsumoto is there. His delay was partially caused by setting up a ward around the building preventing Bubo from leaving. Through a monumental effort by all involved, Bubo is captured in the wooden box prepared by Xhuuya. Xhuuya and Chester, exhausted and possibly wanted by the law, head to the Mall to help out with the problems there. It is now late Wednesday afternoon.



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