Satish Narayana

New Day Ministry Sorcerer


Satish is a small man who met Reverend Nathaniel Sky when they were in college. He is, apparently, a sorcerer of decent power. His primary focus within the New Day Ministry appears to be collating bits of world religions and philosophy into the Exegesis (the religious text of the New Day Ministry). He has an expensive collection of philosophical and supernatural texts stored in hermetically sealed shelves in his office at the Ministry.

He was involved with the summoning of a large, demonic creature that was theoretically going to eat Judith Wilkins. He is currently in hiding from the Wardens.

There was a subtle implication that Satish is in some way connected to the Summer Court. Lyle Harrigan told Chester to lay off him after the showdown at the Honeycomb.

Satish Narayana

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