Shadows in the Fog

Pandora's Empty Box pt. 4

Monday August 24th, continued

Night drops on 315 Plum Lane, a large Victorian mansion that appears to hold the person who put the spell on the Victorian Underground’s generator. A quick thaumaturgy spell to look inside the house fails. There is a threshold and a significant ward placed upon the building that blocks Kyle from peeking inside. Ian musters up a great gout of electrical energy and sends it crashing down the wires into the house. It also fizzles as it hits the ward but does manage to blow out all the lights on the street. Kyle, Ian and Chester all pause to consider their options.

Elsewhere, the small Fae known only as Prick Johnson speaks with his good friend Zhina who is trying to convince him to help her out with her newest scheme. Prick is distracted from her words as he sees ghosts passing by the entrance of the alleyway in numbers that he has never seen before. They appear to be following a scorch mark on the street and sidewalk. Zhina thanks him very much for helping and flits off leaving Prick to wonder what he agreed to. He follows the mark to its ending point at Plum lane and sees the Summer Knight with a few other people he suspects are practitioners too. He lands around the corner and puts a glamour on to look like a police officer.

Just as Chester, Ian and Kyle are talking about getting out of there before the cops come they are startled by a police officer who rather strangely recommends that they leave before the “Ghost People” gang gets there. They speak with this strange police officer for a short time until they start seeing ghosts flicker in and out of the streetlights that are flickering on and off. Ghosts of small children, ghosts of enraged men mingle with other things unseen.

Up the street a family loads their child into a minivan stealing furtive glances over the the motley assortment of people who are out of place standing in front of a VW bug that does not belong. The wife slams the side door and the husband walks around the hood to get in on the driver’s side. The entire minivan suddenly lurches into the air and is flung toward the players as though an invisible giant were playing with a toy. Kyle raises a water shield to help catch it and Ian readies his magic to slow the van down without hurting the child strapped to the seat inside. Out of nowhere a Persian Rug truck comes speeding into the scene and the minivan collides with it. Ian, braced for the impact, slows the minivan down without any help at all.

As the husband and wife run past Ian to their child Ian mentions that they should really learn how to use their parking brake. Below him a portal to the Nevernever opens suddenly. Chester turns to a mountain lion form and leaps out from the trap. Ian manages to get out of the way as well but the husband does not. Ian reaches out for him and catches him with his enormous trunk of an arm. The slight chill in the air turns to a frigid cold. Prick jets into the minivan perched on top of the Persian Rug truck and slices through the seatbelt keeping the child inside. He gets him out just in time before the minivan gets picked up again and is smashed down on everyone below. Ian uses his shield ring to protect himself and the husband. Kyle does the same with another enchanted item. The minivan smashes down into pieces, leaking gas everywhere. Prick puts a glamour over the wife and husband and gets them to safety. The rug truck is picked up now and smashes down on Ian who gets pushed down into the ground igniting the gasoline from the minivan but is otherwise unhurt. Another portal opens underneath him and the cold in the air seeps into his heart with a paralyzing chill. Through a monumental effort Ian keeps himself from falling into the Nevernever (it looks like a giant sized library, likely the demesne of a ghost) turning blue with cold in the process. The ghosts clear a path and show a huge spirit that appears to be one of the strongest poltergeists any of the group has ever seen.

With the mountain lion already in the VW bug it is thought that a hasty retreat would be the best strategy. They all jump into the Van and make a (semi) fast getaway. The hills of San Francisco help!

The group heads north to the Marina to meet with Matsumoto, Warden and Commander of the SFPD. He has brought them there to tell them a few things. First off, Calhoun is gunning for them and has been talking to Reverend Sky. Reverend Sky has filed a restraining order on the players and has also told Calhoun that the players were involved in the plan to kill the Guardian and raid the Oubliette (the place where the White Council put all the things it didn’t want found). Matsumoto cautions the players that if anything happens to Reverend Sky that it is very likely to come back on them. He tells them that Marika, the leader of the Red Court, is a smart vampire from Eastern Europe and is very old. He says that if she poked the players with the rats that she is ready for them to poke back. He has also heard tell that there is discord within the Red Court. Marika is very careful and there are some younger vampires who have different ideas about how to run things.

Matsumoto also mentions a domestic violence incident that resulted in a murder suicide of a couple up in Pacific Heights. It was a couple, the Lemberts. He suspected something supernatural as there was some ectoplasm discovered at the scene.

Finally, after hesitating somewhat, Matsumoto mentions that there is something out on Alcatraz that could help them if they run out of time. He says to only use it if it is absolutely necessary. He apologizes for being on the outs with the White Council but promises to start looking into Reverend Sky’s operation to see if he can poke some holes in it for the players. He wishes them well and says it’s going to be a hell of a week.

Indeed it will be!



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