Shadows in the Fog

Pandora's Empty Box pt. 3

Pandora’s Empty Box pt 3.

Saturday August 22nd

Returning home late the group finds emergency vehicles outside the Oswald building. The emergency paramedics are placing people into the backs of ambulances. Calhoun is, predictably, there. There were several families, some children included, that were “attacked” by rodents. Upon examining the attack sites, Ian uses his Sight to rapidly determine that the Red Court is behind it. There are several holes in the wall where the rodents ripped through the walls to attack. The exterminator says that, even working in New York, he had never seen anything like it. Conrad Drake, the front deskman, reports that there have been a great number of residents calling. Pest problems.

The group rapidly turns to Kiernan, the Red Court Vampire the group spared in the coffee shop up the street. He meets the group on top of the Oswald building. They do NOT invite him inside. They task him with delivering a potion of Rat Summoning on the premises of the New Day Ministry. Kiernan does so easily, consuming two young cultists in the process.

Sunday August 23rd

In the early morning Chester calls out into the Nevernever to Ballor, the Blue Bull of the Summer Court. His meeting is presaged by a pair of Gruff that ensure Chester’s intentions are to speak. Ballor arrives. Chester asks for his help in dealing with the Red Court. Ballor declines, citing that if he helped the blossoming Summer Knight that the others would smell his weakness. He declines the offer and heads back to the Nevernever after dining on Chester’s breakfast. Judith comes running up to the roof and tells them that they are on the news. They head downstairs and find that Reverend Sky has begun talking to the news media about the players, calling them “slumlords”. The players spend all the rest of Sunday defending their name against slander.

Vicki talks with Ian about her concerns about what will happen if Chester “goes over” to the Fae. She thinks that he should prepare in case it happens. Ian begins crafting a spell.

Monday August 24th

The players get in the exterminator to kill the rest of the rats and make a good faith effort to make things right.

Toward evening the group heads down to the Victorian Underground. They are met by a woman, Sonja Hudson (a hippy). Her boyfriend is Forest who tends the generator. Sonja takes them to the Warren, a beautiful underground cavern decorated with lights where the ghosts of the Underground gather. “It brings them all together” says Sonja. They speak with a merchant ghost who tells them that there have been brownouts the last week or so and that during these times ghosts tend to go crazy. The players head down to the generator room and speak with Forest. He is a student learning to be an electrical engineer and complains that the last week the generator has been very temperamental.

Looking at the generator, there appears to be a great spell cast upon it to sneak into the Warren under cover of dark and infect the ghosts with anger. Ian casts a spell and tracks the source of the spell across town. They enter the upscale neighborhood of Pacific Heights and find themselves looking upon a mansion as the sun drops toward the horizon bathing everything in long shadow.



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