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  • Satish Narayana

    Satish is a small man who met [[:reverend-nathaniel-sky | Reverend Nathaniel Sky]] when they were in college. He is, apparently, a sorcerer of decent power. His primary focus within the [[New Day Ministry | New Day Ministry]] appears to be collating …

  • Rita Hill

    After being rescued from the New Day Ministry, Rita decides to head back to her family on the East Coast. She doesn't want to be in San Francisco anymore.

  • Lyle Harrigan

    A mysterious man rarely seen. He constantly smokes clove cigarettes. It seems that his eyes glow whenever he takes a puff. There is an uneasiness that comes with him.

  • Ruprinia

    Once a human changeling, Ruprinia was insane even back then. While the doctors were disagreeing about her diagnosis and running MRIs on her she was slipping into a daydream that was becoming ever more and more real for her. She dreamed that she was …

  • Ballor

    One of the most feared warriors of the Summer Court, Ballor appears as an 8ft blue skinned bull in his normal form but often walks around as a human with glowing blue eyes. While almost a force of nature in combat Ballor has not become famous for his …

  • Fran Bonnard

    Little is known about her aside from the fact that she was at the Port the night of Friday, August 14th, when the Benthic Horizon docked and the "item" was exchanged.

  • Daniel Haigon

    He was seen at the Port the night of Friday, August 14th when the Red Court was taking possession of a certain "item".

  • Francis Delroy

    A low grade practitioner that was working with the New Day Ministry in an effort to forward his own spellcasting knowledge. He has agreed to be a source of information about the Ministry and its workings. He says that [[:satish-narayana | Satish]] was …

  • Matt Calhoun

    A leftover from Project Insight, a pilot project that the White Council started in the mid-90s to infiltrate local law enforcement with Wardens. The thought was they would be uniquely positioned to keep an eye out for strange occurrences and handle them. …

  • Kiernan

    A relatively personable vampire (for an undead predator) that used to work for the Red Court. He was sent to negotiate with Chester Oswald for the return of the young boy-thing, Sunan. When that went South, Kiernan was captured by the group. He was let …

  • Carolyn Webb

    She is a very competent prosecutor of environmental law. She was the lead prosecutor in the State vs. Chester Oswald when he was brought up on charges of negligence concerning several of his tenants being harmed by swarms of rodents and cockroaches.

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