Shadows in the Fog

Judith Dies at the End

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

The day begins very much like any other. The sun is shining and burning away the morning fog to reveal the golden gate bridge. The clouds present are raining some and the sun glitters through it. A woman, Leslie Wilkins, uncomfortably enters Xhuuya’s store. She wanders around some before Xhuuya approaches her. Leslie panics slightly, becoming very emotional, and moves to leave before being invited back inside. Xhuuya brews some tea for the troubled woman who says she was referred by Dala, an Indian woman that Xhuuya helped out about 8 months ago. Leslie brings a photo of her daughter, Judith, and tells Xhuuya that Judith has become involved with a new age group called The New Day Ministry. Leslie all but begs that Xhuuya look into it as she feels that “something is wrong”. Kakupakal (“Kyle”) is teaching students upstairs in the observatory and has a cold tremor wash over him.

Xhuuya brings the photo and the story upstairs to the roof. She passes through the panic room that Chester has built in case he transforms inappropriately. Chester (“Ches”) and Ian are on the roof of the building surrounded by an ocean of broken light bulbs. Ches is planning to upgrade the light bulbs in his building and they are experimenting with how susceptible they are to hexing. Kyle comes up to join everyone, having dismissed his class until the evening. When Xhuuya shows the picture of Leslie’s daughter, Judith, Kyle has a vision wash over him from the future.

“You see Judith, kneeling in a magical circle, her hand is bleeding and she is crying hysterically. A growing light enshrouds her, blinding and terrifying. A deep booming voice echoes through your head, ‘They who call my name shall their death be had.’ What follows is a brutal and short lived image of horrific murder.”

We add the Aspect Judith Dies at the End.

The group decides to head down to the New Day Ministry to take a look around. They take the Coach, a beat up VW van with a small magic circle in the back for working magic. Ian and Kyle attempt a simple scry spell to peek into the Ministry building but they are pushed back by a threshold that seems stronger than it should be. Entering into the front of the building they are greeted by a receptionist who happily invites them in. The New Day Ministry appears to be a mashup of many religions with a heavy influence taken from Buddhism.

The Reverend Nathaniel Sky Camilo-Perez comes down to meet them and welcomes them to his Ministry. He seems to know of the reputations surrounding the players and appears thrilled that they have chosen to come here. Asking for the full tour, Reverend Sky takes them around the building. Ian sneaks into the restroom and locks the door (breaking it!). He gets the components together for a simple tracking spell (a ring of salt on the edge of the sink with a magnet wrapped in bubble wrap, nicely done, by the way!). He detects Judith within the building. While touring with them, Reverend Sky deftly plucks information from them. He is a charming man, no doubt. Kyle decides to use the Sight on him and sees a horrific person wrapped inside this calm, welcoming exterior. He sees the wriggling of souls in his rib cage, trapped and trying to be free. Ches sees one of the Reverend’s aspects, A Deep Dark Hole. Closing the sight, he reels slightly but has no other effect.

Upstairs there is a recreation area for adherents to the faith. It is a sunny space filled with bookshelves and tables. Judith Wilkins is seated at one of them with a group of women around her. They have books open but appear to be talking. They all have contented smiles upon their faces. Ian uses the sight in here and sees a magical rune scribed upon the wall obscured under the paint.


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