Shadows in the Fog

Pandora's Empty Box Pt. 2

Pandora’s Empty Box pt. 2

Saturday, August 22nd

With the alarm sounding the emergency sprinklers begin to spray. Outside the apartment door comes a loud thud as a building pressure of angry residents begin to beat down the door. The creaking of the fire escape outside and a smashing of the window in the bedroom shows more of the people coming in through the window. The floor inside the door collapses to the floor below. The door is pushed down over the gap trapping Chester below who quickly scampers up in the shape of a gorilla. Plowing through the humanity pressing against the door, the group pauses to place a protective spell over an older woman who has fallen to the floor clutching her chest.

Rushing down to the ground there are ambulances and police cars with lights flashing. Inspector Matt Calhoun confronts the group as they come out, accusing them of causing the disturbance. He hints about the demon guarding the gate and the group says that they dispatched it as it was going to kill a girl. This makes Calhoun bright and cheery as he tells them that the White Council will be convened to look into the slaying of The Guardian. Calhoun says that the White Council will be arriving in a week.

Back to the Oswald building, the group decide to summon Jacob Lynch Corkoran III, leader of the Victorian Underground. He tells the group that there has been an upsurge of violence amongst the ghosts but he does not know why. Jacob, like so many ghosts, is a rather self-centered sort who has taken to reading the science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick, a writer who explores what it means to be human. He extends to the players an invitation to visit the Underground. He says that there are three entrances to the Underground located in Chinatown. One is in the Crimson Tea Room, another in the Thang Hung Market, the last is in a Starbucks.

The group then visits a good friend of Ian’s, Dr. George Whitner. They speak with Whitner about their predicament. Whitner shares a drink with them and pledges his support on the White Council, paltry though it is.



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