Shadows in the Fog

Judith Dies at the End pt. 3

Kyle’s tracking spell pulls everyone back to SOMA to an abandoned warehouse. As the players approach they see a shadow fleeing across the top of the building. Xhuuya, fast as a blink, turns into a raven and flies up and grabs the man before he can get below. She takes him back to the van and, realizing that he is significantly outgunned, offers up lots of information. There is a ritual happening inside the warehouse. There are about nine members of the New Day Ministry with Satish. Chester and Xhuuya decide do head down the stairs from the roof while Ian sets up a distraction using a bay door on the front of the building. Ian and Xhuuya dispatch a large quantity of Gargle Demons on the way down to the warehouse proper. Ian calls upon Summer to blast them into smithereens along with a good portion of the building.

In the middle of the warehouse a magical circle had been inscribed into the concrete. Judith was in the circle with a gate opening, disgorging a large, shining black demonic creature entering our world. Kyle runs in first, charging in quickly. He is followed quickly by Chester and Xhuuya. A pitched battle occurs with Kyle’s staff finally striking the killing blow. The creature, still shrouded in mystery, was seen to be bound in some way with a mystical tether that traveled back through the gate. Chester is wounded but is protected by the power of the Summer Court. When the demonic creature falls Satish completes his spell and appears to vanish.

With sirens approaching the group decides to tie up the rest of the cultists and let the Wardens and the Police take care of them. Heads will likely roll. The sun rises on Thursday, August 13th. It’s a New Day.


Damage Control

“This is Bryan Gantz, ABC7 News reporting live from the New Day Ministry building that, earlier today, was evacuated by what authorities are calling an ‘unknown explosive device’. Interestingly, this morning members of the New Day Ministry were arrested by police apparently in the midst of some sort of ritual that involved human sacrifice. Standing with me is Reverend Nathaniel Sky, the leader of the New Day Ministry. Reverend Sky, your thoughts?”

“Thank you, Bryan. I wanted to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt apology to all those who were affected by this tragedy. I am shocked that such people were operating under the roof of our fair church and will work with law enforcement to ensure that there are no others here. Above all is the safety of our members. Blessings upon you all.”

“Thank you very much for your time, Reverend Sky. Our hearts go out to you during this time of crisis!”



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