Shadows in the Fog

Judith Dies at the End pt. 2

Judith Dies at the End pt.2

August 12th, 2015 (Continued)

The group is investigating New Day Ministry, a cult operated under the extremely talented and charismatic Reverend Nathaniel Sky. One of his peers, Satish Narayana, comes out to introduce himself to the group. He also seems aware of their reputation around town. Contrary to Reverend Sky, Satish appears to be a sorcerer. He welcomes the group and says that what they have seen so far is more for the acolytes and probably seems very elementary. He offers to show Kyle his personal library where he keeps his more prized tomes. The books are kept in hermetically sealed shelves, protected from air and water and also a very impressive display of wealth.

Xhuuya is at the table with Judith Wilkins, Stephanie Bennett, and Rita Hill. As Xhuuya is looking around at the girls, Rita holds up a piece of paper with “HELP ME” written on the corner.

Ian and Chester begin to plan a distraction to empty the building out. They set up an exploding potion on top of the door and used a magical breeze to knock it over causing a fire in the New Day Ministry building. Richard, one of the men in the offices, is rather rude to Chester but quiets significantly when he realizes he is being watched by Reverend Sky.

Satish, distracted, heads out of the office into the hallway to figure out what is going on (no sprinklers spray in his office, an obvious nod to his magical prowess). Kyle uses the opportunity to rifle through the desk and finds a note, “Prep the Honeycomb for J.W.” Kyle assumes that the note refers to Judith Wilkins. Satish returns quickly saying that a fire has broken out and that Kyle must leave the building immediately. Kyle uses the moment to rifle the file cabinets and finds a personal file on Judith Wilkins that includes photographs taken without her knowledge as she is walking up the street. Creepy.

Xhuuya gathers up the girls at the table and invites them back to her store and they agree readily, having already expressed interest in the shop to her. Outside the Ministry it is chaotic and everyone, including Judith, Stephanie and Rita hop in the old VW van and head back to the shop. Once there, Xhuuya brews some tea and they begin talking to the girls about the ministry. Rita drops a teacup when the Honeycomb is mentioned and clams up. Kyle pipes up at this point about the religious practices of the New Day Ministry and volunteers some firsthand knowledge of human sacrifice (a compel on Spectacle Over Subtlety) that results in all three of the young ladies thinking that Kyle is strange and kind of freaky. They excuse themselves, citing studying as the reason, and adjourn to a coffee shop up the street. Rita promises to return at around 10pm without her friends, likely to speak more freely than she could right then.

Ian begins a thaumaturgy spell to keep an eye on Stephanie Bennett as they sit at the coffee shop. He picks up a snippet of conversation between the young ladies about the Honeycomb. Rita refers to it like a place that she heard Satish speaking about. Ian follows Stephanie back to her apartment building where she lives with both Judith and Rita. Ian’s spell fizzles as she crosses the threshold into her apartment.
Xhuuya follows Satish around for the afternoon. He meets with a young man, an acolyte of the Ministry, named Simon Dunn. He confirms that he has set up a meeting with Judith that evening. Strangely, he also confirms that he won’ t have to be there to meet Judith.

Chester and Kyle spend the day poring over maps and trying to locate the Honeycomb but have very little luck. Kyle decides to pay Stephanie a visit and buzzes her room under the pretense that he is there to apologize for his previous behavior. A further creeped out Stephanie says she’ll be “right down”. Kyle retreats across the street to watch as the cops arrive. Then more cops arrive.

Ian and Xhuuya return to the shop. Ian begins to fashion an antenna that will let everyone stay in contact. Chester goes up to Rita’s room disguised as a cat and finds it to be a crime scene. There is blood on the wall and signs of a struggle but Rita isn’t there. After driving the police inspector crazy by running across the crime scene a few times Chester makes off with Rita’s hair brush. He hands it off to Ian who immediately begins using it to cast a spell to locate her.

Xhuuya speaks to the police outside her shop who are looking for Kyle. She mentions that he works at the observatory and they promptly take off after mentioning that Kyle is being sought out for questioning concerning the abduction of Rita Hill. She heads back to the apartment to keep an eye out for anyone leaving. After a long and eventful day she drifts off to sleep for just a moment and fails to see Judith leave her apartment and walk up the street purposefully…

Next time…Thursday, August 13th.



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