Shadows in the Fog

Benthic Horizons pt.1

Thursday August 13th

We open in the early morning of Thursday as the group makes a hasty retreat from the warehouse where the New Day Cultists were summoning something terrible. They realize they had forgotten the spellcaster on the roof they had tied up in their van prior to storming the warehouse. The man’s name was Francis Delroy (goes by just Delroy). He begs the players to not turn him in to the Wardens. Xhuuya makes the case that they should listen and perhaps give him a chance. While not extremely close and trusted by Satish, Delroy knew that the group was being used somehow to kill the giant demon creature that was going to kill Judith. He says that it was guarding something and that, with the demon out of the way, Satish plundered it somehow with magic. He knows that Satish and Nathaniel Sky have safehouses spread around the city but doesn’t know where they would be. Grudgingly, the players decide to release Francis Delroy but take samples of his hair and his nails first (a very unsubtle threat if he decides to turn on them). While talking by a payphone the phone rings and the mysterious voice is Lyle Harrigan, Chester’s “handler” on behalf of the Summer Court. He instructs Chester to retrieve an item that is being exchanged at Bay 7 Friday night. He tells Chester the Red Court will likely not appreciate him taking it from them.

On the ride back to the Oswald building Judith comforts Rita and tells her that they were given drugs and that the things she thinks she saw were hallucinations. She does her best to spare Rita the horror of realizing that the things she saw were actually real. Judith is in not quite so lucky of a place. She saw things. She knows things. Before heading to bed she asks the players to help. She wants to fight the bad things and keep what happened to her from happening to someone else.

Everyone goes to bed and wakes up in the early afternoon. Kyle turns himself in and, with the corroborating testimony of Rita and Judith is soon cleared of any charges. Rita decides to head home to the East Coast so they drop her off at the airport. Chester uses the power of the Summer Court to heal his bone back as good as new. The power is intoxicating but he knows there will be a cost…

Closing in on evening now, as the sun goes down everyone decides to go take a look at the San Francisco Port to get a Lay of the Land. Kyle decides to start a distraction at the front gates and does so successfully. A large group of dockworkers gather around him as he acts crazy (or crazier!). The upside is that Ian manages to climb the fence without incident and enters the docs with the help of a veil. He uses his sight on several things but gets little more than a headache. He hexes out the lights in the trailer that serves as an office and enters, getting the drop on the man behind the desk there. He questions him about boats coming in tomorrow but no boat called the Benthic Horizon is scheduled to dock at any time tomorrow. It appears that the boat is docking completely off the books. They also don’t see any obvious signs of the Red Court.

Friday August 14th
Another night of rest ushers in Friday morning wrapped in fog that slowly burns off as the sun rises higher in the sky. Preparations begin in earnest to prepare for the evening’s activities.

Aspects Produced:

  • Lay of the Land (for the SF Port)
  • Waxing Crescent Moon



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