Shadows in the Fog

Benthic Horizons pt. 2

Friday, August 14th
After preparing for the evening’s “festivities” at the Port, Xhuuya and Chester fly over the Port and are surprised to find that they don’t see any Red Court Vampires. It appears to be a normal night at the docks although there are some extra bodies moving around. They do spot two people who appear to be plain-clothes police officers (later identified as Inspectors Daniel Haigon and Fran Bonnard) waiting patiently on the docks. The dock workers begin breaking out hoses as if to clean off the pier, or fight a fire.

Not wanting to boost whatever it is they are stealing at the Port, our group decides to storm the Benthic Horizon instead. Ian shorts out the control panel for the starboard engines with a large shower of sparks. Surprisingly, no screams or exclamations are made from the crew at the bridge. Chester swoops down across the window and sees the Captain’s eyes are pure white. Ian, pulling on his encyclopedic knowledge of magic, determines that the crew members are likely under some sort of mental compulsion.

They head down into the bowels of the ship and retrieve the “item” from a shipping container there. The container is cracked open and inside is a young Thai boy. Despite the long journey there is no evidence of any bodily functions. He has a single comic book with him written in Japanese. He smacks his lips. Our group smuggles him off the ship (the crew of the Benthic Horizon seem utterly unaware of them. They decide to take a blood sample from the little boy who then opened his arm up on the edge of a metal table. Watching to see what happened, the boy bled for several minutes and then healed up almost instantaneously. “He thinks we want more blood,” Ian observed. The group take their rented boat back to Richmond where they load him on the VW Bus and start driving inland to the drop-off point in the Stanislaus National Forest.

Kyle has a flash of the Oswald building weeping blood and the people inside screaming. Checking in at the building they get hold of Judith Wilkins (she is hanging out in the building now) and she finds a note on the front door with a phone number on it. Calling that number an ominous voice (obviously the voice is being modified mechanically) orders Chester to come back to the Oswald building or the Red Court will slaughter everyone in the building. Chester calls Lyle Harrigan, his “handler” and demands that he come pick the kid up at the Oswald building. Harrigan scoffs at this. Kyle takes the boy into a convenient store (he smacks his lips together every time they pass one) and the boy gathers an armful of grape soda which he mechanically chugs on the way back.

Arriving back at the Oswald building the Red Court orders them to room 607, Dala’s room. She was the small Indian lady that put Judith’s mother in touch with Oswald, Ian, Kyle and Xhuuya. A Red Court Vampire is sitting on the sofa in front of a large, complicated bomb. The vampire reports that it is set to go off if the electronics panel shorts out (someone uses magic). The vampire says that it is here to negotiate the exchange of Dala (and a large portion of lives of people in the Oswald building) for the “item” that they took from the Red Court. Irritated, Chester summons up a great amount of Summer power and blows the vampire and the bomb out the side of the building before it explodes. Approaching the edge of the opening and looking down the “bomb” appears to be a decoy and the vampire is already on his feet and running up the street toward the coffee place up the street where Judith is holed up. Chester jumps through the window and chases the vampire through a panicked crowd, narrowly missing hurting anyone and putting the vampire through the wall into the bathroom. Xhuuya flies by and, with razor sharp talons, opens up the vampire’s belly causing blood to spurt all over the bathroom. The vampire begs for mercy and gives the players information. He doesn’t know what the boy is or does but knows that Marika, the head of the Red Court in San Francisco, is at odds with the White Court who have gathered the remnants of the Black Court up as muscle in this conflict. Chester tells the vampire that he is never to come back to the Oswald building again. The vampire gets out of there promptly.

Saturday, August 15th, early

Meanwhile, Ian and Kyle have hit the road with the boy in the van, heading east to the Stanislaus National Forest where Harrigan told them to drop the “item” at a small cabin. The drive is largely uneventful until a Gruff appears out of nowhere and violently slams into the side of the VW bus tipping it over into darkness…



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